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I know your dogs are part of your family, and when you have to work late, or go out of town, you want your little buddies to be treated with the utmost care
I am Charlotte, I love to walk dogs and i really enjoy it, Dogs have always been a part of my life. I am a huge animal lover. I will always make sure to treat your pet as if they were my own, I don’t have the means and resources to own a dog at this moment, so the part that I enjoy the most is spending time with one. I can go to the owner’s house and do the regular 30 min. walk or I can do it for a longer period. I can be a great caretaker for your pet to never be sad, take you to walk, play, and do your needs, they will love.

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  • 20-minute walk $15
  • 30-minute walk $20
  • 60-minute walk $35

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